Base on the belief of holistic education, Graduate Institute of Education was founded in 2000. Its' purpose is to promote and empower professional life of teachers, administrators and educational researchers. By inquiring into education issues, this program is aimed to help students develop their professional abilities in education. By widely discussing and immersing in the diverse learning environment of Tunghai University, students here are encouraged to think critically and to demonstrate the essential characteristics of an excellent and effective teacher. This program provide 3 main research fields: curriculum and instruction, life education, and educational policy and leadership. Flexibility in related coursework permits students to develop an interdisciplinary perspective, reflective practice as well as depth in one field. Our faculty members have been committed to educational research and teacher training for secondary schools in Taiwan. This program creates a research environment in several ways, including organize conferences in a variety of fields, invite speakers to offer lectures and speeches and encourage discussion and research publication. People who wish to be a teacher in secondary school, or work in educationally-related institute, such as government educational agencies, publishing house and social service fields which provide educational services for children and young adults may join us. This program also provides an important first step for graduate students who wish to pursue a doctorate and become scholars and teachers at the university level. Full-time students and in-service teachers are both welcomed to apply.